Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 25 Ottawa-Carleton

District Political Action Committee

The District 25 Political Action Committee

The D-25 committee advoctes for OSSTF/FEESO members who deliver the education services Ontario depends on. Our members work in schools and university settings. OSSTF/FEESO supports members by ensuring they have a safe and healthy work site, and that they get fair pay and benefits for the services they provide. As well OSSTF/FEESO lobbies for better public services (such as improvements to education,  to public health, to child care and to the Canada Pension Plan) that would improve our communities and the lives all Ontarians.

The D-25 committee works with other unions and groups in Ottawa to help make the community better. If you would like to contribute some time to help make Ottawa better, contact the District 25 Office

 D25 Ontario Election Issue #1  

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Ballo  You may not believe it,
but the results of this election 
will affect D-25 OSSTF.

     Make sure you are informed!

Check out this article from Update Vol. 45 No.5 "An Election is Coming..."

D-25 Members at CLC 2017  District 25 Members & OSSTF Vice-president, Cindy Dubue, at the CLC 2017 Convention


You can help!.
  There are small tasks, large tasks, rallys and political action that needs your input.  Call the District 25 Office to speak to the current Political Action Chair,  or your executive member for informtion.