Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 25 Ottawa-Carleton

Pregnancy and Parental Leave

Pregnancy and Parental Leave


October 2013

Dear Member:

The OSSTF/FEESO Teachers’ Unit, District 25, Ottawa-Carleton, has

prepared the following package of information which you may find

relevant as you prepare for your pregnancy/parental leave.

The package is not intended to cover every circumstance or eventuality;

however, it is hoped that it covers the types of questions that are asked on a

regular basis. Since changes in legislation may occur at any time, it is your

responsibility to verify information relating to your time of leaving. Every

attempt has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

The package contains the following information

Information on the available leaves and benefits involved

• Summary of the leaves and financial provisions

• Checklist of steps

• Other Key Issues

• Contact Numbers

On behalf of OSSTF and all of your colleagues, we wish you the very best.

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