Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 25 Ottawa-Carleton

Political Action Committee


Political Action Committee

The Teachers’ Bargaining Unit Political Action Committee

The Teachers’ Bargaining Unit Political Action Committee (TBU PAC) is a small but committed group that functions with the District PAC as a joint committee. The Chair is elected at the first meeting of the year. Our responsibilities include responding to provincial political action initiatives; implementing political action as directed by either the Teacher BU Executive or the District Executive Council (DEC); and to consider and act upon programs initiated by the units. The Chair and representatives of the different bargaining units are responsible for reporting back to their respective executives, and teacher PAC reps. bring information back to the members in their branches and help to implement PAC initiatives at the branch level. Our local leadership does a great deal to establish and maintain relationships with various education stakeholders and community organizations. Those who sit on PAC try to support those efforts and also try to increase the positive public profile of Federation members and of the union itself.

Concrete examples of past PAC activities include active engagement in trustee and provincial election campaigns, organizing and hosting District 25’s annual “Meet and Greet” for the OCDSB community, and participation in the Labour Day Parade and in the annual Walk for Kids Help Phone.
The committee meets 6-7 times a year at the District Office, 9 Corvus Court. Meetings begin at 4:30pm, and refreshments are provided.
Each Teacher Branch Executive should have a PAC rep. In the absence of an elected PAC rep., information is forwarded from the committee to the Branch President.

If you have an interest in politics and want more information, contact your Branch President or Susan Rab, Political Action Officer of the Teachers’ Bargaining Unit.

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